Kevin Mak is a Hong Kong photographer and architect “curating emotional visual stories through capturing the aesthetics within the imperfections, informalities & contradictions found in [the] city environment.”

Mak’s work was recently exhibited in NU Space’s exhibition, “Up // Down: Hillside Hong Kong,” along with the works of three other photographers.

His photography has also been recognised by Hong Kong Tatler, Archdaily, Culture Trip, Lifestyle Asia, Time Out Hong Kong and more.

“I like to walk on the street randomly and let the street surprise me. That’s why [in general I like] the older districts, as there are both old & new things coming together, instead of the ‘new towns’ which have everything too-well-planned with less surprise,” he said.

Mak last year co-founded a Hong Kong signboard heritage concern group, Street Sign HK, which aims to promote feasible ways for shop owners to maintain signboards in order to keep the culture alive.

“I sometimes feel photography is only ‘consuming’ what’s left in the city for nice pictures, but I see photography as more a ‘beginning’, it’s an observation, it’s for making statement, it has the power to follow, and actions should follow,” he told HKFP.

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