The China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, along with pro-democracy groups and Hong Kong lawmakers, marched to the China Liaison Office on Thursday to demand that Beijing release political prisoners.

Photo: Facebook via China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.

In attendance were League of Social Democrats activists Avery Ng, Leung Kwok-hung, and Jaco Chow, Demosisto members Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, as well as lawmakers Kwok Ka-ki and Au Nok-hin, amongst others.

Photo: Facebook via China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group.

The groups noted that Wang Quanzhang, who was arrested in China’s 709 crackdown on human rights lawyers in 2015, has been missing for 1,000 days.

Joshua Wong. Photo: Demosisto via Facebook.

Wang was charged with “subversion of state power” and has been denied access to a lawyer. Wang’s wife, Li Wenzu, is embarking on a 100-kilometre march from Beijing to Tianjin to highlight his plight.

The protesters also said that human rights activist Yu Wensheng – who supported the Umbrella Movement in 2014 and was openly critical of Chinese President Xi Jinping – has been under residential surveillance since January. Authorities have prevented lawyers from meeting him.

Photo: Demosisto via Facebook.

“We therefore urge the Chinese government to release lawyer Wang Quanzhang unconditionally; we protest the long-term surveillance of his wife Li Wenzu. We demand that Yu Wensheng be allowed to meet with lawyers to ensure his right to legal representation,” the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group said.

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