A video showing a woman pushing a trolley through the cross harbour tunnel has sparked disbelief amongst internet users. The video, posted on Facebook at around 10am on Friday morning, has received over 1,300 “likes” and over 400 shares.

cross harbour tunnel
Photo: Wikicommons.

One netizen commented: “What? Wonder how much the tunnel will charge her for the toll?”

“The cross harbour tunnel is 1.8 km, and a normal person would take around an hour to walk 4km. So by conservative estimates she would have taken half an hour,” another said, adding that overtaking is not allowed inside tunnels.

YouTube video

A third expressed concern that the woman may have dementia and that she should be taken to the doctor.

The police confirmed to Oriental Daily that they received a call stating that an elderly woman had been found walking through the cross harbour tunnel. The police took her to the station.

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