[Sponsored] The Hive is launching Hong Kong’s first co-farm – the Hive CoFarm – a space for agritech, aquaponic, hydroponic and remote monitoring IoT start-ups to pilot their technologies in a real world setting.

The site will also develop community gardens providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds to create, develop and sustain a gardening space in their locality.

The​ ​Hive​ ​CoFarm​ ​Open​ ​Day​ will host a Farmer’s Market with locally grown food from small businesses using local, sustainable or organic farming practices. F&B partners will create dishes with a local/high profile chef, attracting families, friends, young professionals, and health focused individuals with a creative outlook.

Handicraft stalls, workshops and art happenings will make the Hive CoFarm Open Day a lively, colorful and movement-nurturing event. Guests can mingle, engage with local food producers, grab a bite to eat, and share creative ideas with the greater Hive Community.

Venue: The Hive CoFarm, Yuen Long – DD129 Lot 1290, New Territories, Hong Kong
Date: February 3rd 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00 – 16:00

Operated by Hong Kong Hive Ltd, members of the Hive CoFarm can make use of agricultural land, water, buildings and fishponds for pilot projects and small-scale commercial farming operations. Space is allocated on a first come first served basis and each applicant will be interviewed for suitability. Every member of the Hive CoFarm will be asked to sign strict Non Disclosure Agreements to ensure that the privacy of each of the startups work is maintained. Rates to use the Hive CoFarm depend on the intended use and site requirements.

The site is located on a plot of land near Lau Fau Shan in the Yuen Long area of Hong Kong. Comprising 6 water tanks, 2 water ponds and 6 land plots; start up businesses engaged in high tech farming and community/urban farming of all kinds may rent plots to pilot their start ups. Sharing space and facilities will enable startups to vastly reduce costs and provide valuable community support. The Hive CoFarm invites Agritech and Greentech start-ups and growth enterprises to utilize the Hive CoFarm, to accelerate their businesses.

The Hive CoFarm site will also showcase community farming, raising awareness of local, organic and sustainable farming practice and design. It is Hong Kong’s first community farm to engage agritech, organic and permaculture farming practices on one site. Combining urban farming concepts with pioneering farming Agritech startups, the Hive CoFarm will educate Hong Kong’s current and next generations on the importance of good food via sustainable and innovative farming practice. For more information about the Hive CoFarm, please click here.

To celebrate the opening of The Hive CoFarm, there will be a special screening of Seed: The Untold Story Conscious Cinema on January 18th at The Hive Studios in Kennedy Town.


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