Pro-establishment parties DAB and Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions have petitioned the government urging it not to relax restrictions on milk formula – a measure introduced to curb parallel trading.

In 2013, the government implemented a law to limit powdered formula taken out of the city to 1.8 kilogrammes in 24 hours in response to heated protests against an influx of parallel traders in the New Territories.

Photo: DAB.

In her policy address last month, Lam suggested reviewing “the export control of powdered formulae” and exploring “long-term measures for safeguarding the stability of the local supply of powdered formulae.”

On Thursday morning, members of the two parties including DAB lawmakers Edward Lau and Gary Chan gathered outside the Central Government Complex to submit a petition to the Food and Health Bureau opposing the relaxation of the limit on formula.

Photo: DAB.

According to a survey conducted by the DAB in North District, Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, over 80 per cent of the public believe that removing the limit would lead to a shortage of milk formula. More than 90 per cent also expressed concerns that lifting the limit would affect their daily lives, and that the situation of streets being blocked would worsen with an increase in formula trading.

The petitioners asked the government to carefully study the potential consequences that lifting the limit could bring, and to protect the local supply of milk formula. They also called on the government to consider including milk formula in the Reserved Commodities Ordinance so the supply can be monitored.

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