A man who took out a knife during a High Court hearing Tuesday morning will surrender himself to police, according to the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party said in a press advisory that the man sought help from lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting, who convinced him to surrender.

Mr. Yu. Photo: Screenshot/Apple Daily.

Ming Pao earlier reported that a contempt of court case was being heard when the man took out a kitchen knife. He reportedly yelled in Putonghua at Judge Wilson Chan Ka-shun: “Lawless! You thought I couldn’t find you.” 

During a press conference outside the Wan Chai police station Tuesday night, the man, surnamed Yu, apologised for his actions, but did not give details about the incident.

“For my actions this morning, I feel very… I apologise fully to the judge,” he said in Putonghua.

Asked to explain what he did, Yu said: “I was acting on impulse, taking those actions against the judge… I am sorry.”

Speaking for Yu, Lam said he was dissatisfied with the outcome of a civil case in which he was unsuccessful in seeking compensation from the police.

Police vehicles outside the High Court on Tuesday.

Lam urged citizens to respect the courts and refrain from using violence.

“I want to stress that he already understands that his actions were wrong,” Lam said. “That’s why he came to turn himself in. I urge everyone not to use radical actions to target the court… if there is any dissatisfaction with court decisions, they should be solved using legal means.”

Police searched the High Court building twice after the incident, but were unable to locate any suspects.

No one was injured during the incident.

Catherine Lai

Catherine is a Canadian journalist and photographer who lived in Beijing for almost two years, working in TV and online media. Aside from Hong Kong and mainland affairs, she is also interested in urban spaces, art and feminism. She holds a BA in Literature and Art History from the University of British Columbia.