A video of a taxi driver shouting threats and abuse at a couple in Yuen Long, and threatening them with what appears to be a metal bar, has drawn outrage from internet users in Hong Kong.

taxi driver video
Still of video provided by Dave Coulson.

The clip, shot and shared by photographer Dave Coulson on Facebook, has been viewed over 195,000 times.

The taxi driver is heard shouting: “What are you playing at? Get out! I’m a red [urban] taxi!” He also swore and told the couple: “Be careful when you cross the road,” after repeatedly saying he would “smash your heads.”

According to Coulson, the incident took place at 8.55pm on Wednesday, near Yan Lok Square and Kau Yuk Road in Yuen Long.

Coulson told HKFP that he briefly spoke with the couple afterwards. “They said the taxi driver didn’t know their destination [and] when they said they’d show him the way, he pulled over and threw them out of the taxi.”

“I was shocked and saddened, [and] really felt for the couple, especially when the lady was in tears afterwards,” Coulson said.

YouTube video

 Coulson said he visited the Yuen Long Police Station on Friday to give the police a statement and a copy of the video.

The video has drawn angry reactions from viewers. “Sadly, I think we’ve all experienced taxi drivers like this in [Hong Kong]. When my daughter was on crutches many a taxi driver refused to pick her up,” one said, referring to the fact that the female passenger in the video required a walking aid.

Another said, “Choosing passengers again, how far does the distance have to be before you’re willing to make the trip?”

Update 2/9: Police told HKFP that the Yuen Long criminal investigation team arrested a 55-year-old driver on Friday in Hung Hom. The man, surnamed Lam, was detained on suspicion of criminal intimidation and refusing to take passengers. A 60cm-long metal rod was found in his taxi. 

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