Labour Party vice-chairperson Cyd Ho has resigned from her position on the executive committee, a day after chairperson Suzanne Wu quit the party citing internal disagreements.

Wu previously told In-Media that her resignation was an act of protest, criticising the party’s internal structure as being “unjust” in how it handles matters. She said that she hoped her resignation would allow it to recognise the problems.

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cyd ho
Cyd Ho. File photo: In-Media.

In a statement on Friday, Ho said that the party was in crisis after the resignation of its chairperson, during a time when democrats were facing political persecution and the city’s rule of law was in a precarious situation.

“It is regrettable that the chairperson expressed her criticisms of the party’s meetings publicly, however, I must follow political ethics and take on my political responsibility – as of yesterday evening, I have resigned from my position on the executive committee,” she said.

“When I helped establish the Labour Party in 2011, the aim was to hand over the baton to a new generation of the left. I hope that the continuing young members of the party will be able to thrive, whilst developing the party in a democratically-minded way.”

In a statement by the Labour Party issued on the same day, the secretariat said that a meeting had taken place on Wednesday to discuss Wu’s resignation and departure from the party.

“Upon reflection, the party acknowledges that there have been flaws in the handling of complaints by the disciplinary committee. The executive committee will write a report of our findings and make suggestions as to what can be improved, and subsequently pass it on to the party’s members.”

Suzanne Wu labour party
Suzanne Wu. Photo: Facebook.

“Furthermore, the party believes that the standing committee and the executive committee did not handle the issue in a timely and appropriate manner, for which we take responsibility,” the statement said.

The party thanked Ho for her longstanding contributions to the executive body.

labour party legco elections 2016 legislative council
The Labour Party after the 2016 Legislative Council elections. Photo: In-Media.

During the Legislative Council elections last September, Wu suspended her campaign in order to boost the chances of other pan-democratic candidates in the constituency. Fernando Cheung is currently the party’s only lawmaker, following losses by former lawmakers Cyd Ho and Lee Cheuk-yan in the elections.

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