Labour Party chairperson Suzanne Wu has resigned from her position and left the party in an act of protest, following disagreements over the way the group handled matters internally.

The Labour Party secretariat said on Wednesday that it earlier received a written notice from Wu, stating she has decided to leave after “careful consideration.”

Suzanne Wu (second from right). File Photo: In-Media.

The party’s executive committee made repeated attempts to convince Wu to stay, but respected her ultimate decision, Ming Pao reported. They thanked her for her devotion and contribution.

Wu told In-Media that her resignation was an act of protest, criticising the party’s internal structure as being “unjust” in how it handles matters. She said that she hoped quitting the party would allow it to recognise the problems.

Wu also said that she and the party did not have disagreements over their political direction and stressed that she was only leaving the party, not retiring from politics altogether.

Suzanne Wu. Photo: Facebook.

Wu took up the position in 2015, replacing former chairman Lee Cheuk-yan.  The post will be temporarily filled by Vice-chairman Chiu Shi-shun until the party’s elections at the end of the year.

During the Legislative Council elections last September, Wu suspended her campaign in order to boost the chances of other pan-democratic candidates in the constituency. Fernando Cheung is currently the party’s only lawmaker, following losses by former lawmakers Cyd Ho and Lee Cheuk-yan in the elections.

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