The Court of Appeal has approved the bail requests of the last of the seven police officers convicted of assaulting activist Ken Tsang during the 2014 pro-democracy Occupy protests.

On Wednesday, Kwan Ka-ho, 32, was released on HK$100,000 bail. He was required to hand in all travel documents and was not allowed to leave Hong Kong.

Kwan Ka-ho
Kwan Ka-ho. File Photo: Stand News.

It came after bail was approved for three officers in June and three others in July. The seven, who were sentenced to two years in jail in February, have applied for appeal.

Their lawyers have argued their sentences were too heavy.

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Mr Justice Michael Victor Lunn, vice-president of the Court of Appeal, said it may take six to nine months to arrange for an appeal hearing because of the number of accused, the potential length of trial and time required for the court to prepare documents, reported RTHK.

Lunn said the accused may have completed all or most of the sentence if he was not allowed bail, or if he successfully received a reduced sentence, thus the bail request was approved.

During the sentencing hearing in February, trial judge David Dufton said that the court needed to “make an example” to ensure that no officers would attempt to commit similar offences in the future.

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