Hong Kong artist Kila Cheung has been redesigning road warning lamps as human figurines for his newest project, Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys.

He has placed dozens of them around the city’s streets.

“There are many road warning lights in Hong Kong due to the large number of construction sites,” he told HKFP.

“I found that the shape of the warning lights was similar to a person.”

“About a month ago, I bought the first warning light home and started to draw. Then I [thought] of putting 30 of them on the street quite spontaneously.”

Cheung said that he polishes the lamps with sandpaper and foundation before painting on them.

He places his “little guys” at public locations where they can interact with the public, and will not be removed quickly.

Kila Cheung also creates paintings and sculptures. Discover more of his art here.

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