Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) and Hong Kong Tramways have launched a 6-month trial scheme to offer KMB-tram interchange discounts on designated cross-harbour routes.

Photo: KMB/HK Tramways.

To promote the programme, a tram designed to resemble a KMB bus was launched on Monday, alongside a bus “disguised” as a green tram.

Photo: KMB/HK Tramways.

Adult Octopus users crossing the harbour on KMB buses and linking up with trams can save HK$2.30. Children will save HK$$1.20.

The discounts are the equivalent of a single journey tram fare.

Photo: KMB/HK Tramways.

It is the first time the two companies have cooperated.

“This initiative aims to benefit to Hong Kong people with offering them better service, more economical journeys, more accessible and more convenient street-level commuting via the combined network of Tramways and KMB,” said tramways General Manager Cyril Aubin.

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