Hundreds of local and international journalists covered Hong Kong’s annual June 4 vigil commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre on Sunday night, though the event saw its lowest turnout in almost a decade.

While the vigil dominated the headlines of Hong Kong’s democracy-leaning newspapers the following day, pro-Beijing media outlets either covered the event briefly, or made no mention of it at all.

Apple Daily – Never forget: 110,000 commemorate June 4 at Victoria Park

A sea of candles covered the front page of the pro-democracy Apple Daily, which produced extensive features on the vigil and the controversy surrounding whether to continue it.

Ming Pao – Reasons why they lit candles despite being born after June 4

ming pao

Likewise, Ming Pao covered the vigil on its front pages. The newspaper interviewed young people born after 1989 asking why they – unlike some of their peers – decided to attend the Victoria Park event that student leaders have criticised as being too “ceremonial”.

Sing Tao Daily – 9-year-low in number of participants at Victoria Park’s June 4 vigil

The pro-Beijing Sing Tao Daily covered the vigil on its sixth page.

Oriental Daily – Organisers: 110,000; Police: 18,000 – 9-year-low in number of June 4 vigil attendees

oriental daily

The pro-Beijing Oriental Daily briefly covered the vigil on its 19th page.

South China Morning Post – Lowest turnout for June 4 vigil since 2008

Hong Kong newspapers Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao – commonly seen Communist Party mouthpieces – did not report on the vigil or the anniversary of the massacre at all.

Wen wei po

For Hong Kong news, they published identical anonymous op-eds praising Hong Kong’s shift away from the separation of powers towards an executive-led government over the 20 years since the transfer of sovereignty.

Ta kung pao

Both covered the London terrorist attacks on their front pages.

Elson Tong is a graduate of international relations and former investigations consultant. He has also written for Stand News.