Five defendants charged with rioting during the Mong Kok clashes last February pleaded not guilty at their District Court hearing on Friday morning.

The prosecution submitted photographs, videos and 105 video screenshots as evidence against the defendants, reported RTHK. According to Ming Pao, some of these videos were taken by police officers, while others were retrieved from the internet.

Mong Kok clashes. File photo: Kris Cheng/HKFP.

Chris Yung Tsz-hin, 18, Law Ho-yin, 20 and Lin Yun-fat, 26 were jointly charged with one count of rioting.

Meanwhile Sung Kwan-wo, 27 and Leo Chan Siu-kwan, 48 were charged with one count of rioting each.

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The prosecution told the court on Friday that Yung and Law both positioned themselves near the front of the protests and held glass bottles before they were arrested. Lin, Sung and Chan were accused of throwing bricks at police officers, reported Ming Pao.

Counsel for Yung, Sung and Chan told the court they will contest whether the trio were present at the scene of the clashes.

Counsel for Law and Lin will not contest that the pair were present at the scene, but will dispute whether their actions constituted rioting.

Bricks dislodged from the pavement during the Mong Kok clashes. File photo: Kris Cheng/HKFP.

Four protesters have been jailed for rioting for their parts in the clashes so far.

The violent protests took place on the night of February 9 last year – Lunar New Year – over efforts by the authorities to clear street hawkers in Mong Kok.


Elson Tong

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