US photographer Alexander Vertikoff shares a set of shots of 1980’s China with HKFP.

Beijing 11/15/1984.

“The changes that began occurring in China after 1984 were not predictable,” he said. “The people and places that I connected with back then were universally kind and open. That is why these images feel so authentic, honest, and real. Three decades later it is time to share them, and many more, with the post-1984 generation in China as well as everyone else.”

Chang’an Avenue Dawn. Beijing 11/21/1984.

In 1984 and 1985, Vertikoff was able to access areas not yet open to most foreigners. He captured scenes from Guangzhou, Hainan Island, Beijing, Wuhan and Guilin.

Mr. Su of the Sugarcane Factory. Sanya City 12/2/1984.

He said the shots create an “intimate and personal portrait of newfound friends and intriguing sights during, a period of innocence, mutual curiosity, and openness just prior to an overwhelming cultural convergence.”

Li sings Red River Valley for me. Sanya City 12/2/1984.

Vertikoff is seeking to raise US$30,000 on Fringebacker to preserve several thousand negatives from the collection.

Sugar Cane Factory Meeting. Sanya City 12/8/1984.

Backers will be offered a chance to own a limited edition fine art print from the collection.

Guangzhou 1/9/1985.

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Guangzhou 1/10/1985.

Guangzhou 1/19/1985.

Wuhan Sisters 6/2/1985.

Near Wende Lu, Guangzhou 6/5/1985.


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