Democratic Party district councillor Ted Hui Chi-fung has accused another district councillor of assaulting him in an effort to stop a motion amendment by the pro-democracy camp from being passed.

The Central and Western District Council was discussing whether to close the Queen’s Road Post Office on Thursday. Hui raised a motion to oppose the move, during which he was involved in a scuffle with Stephen Chan Chit-kwai. Chan was seen pulling Hui, as they both fell down. Chan got up and was seen holding Hui by the neck.

But Chan denied he was assaulting Hui, saying that he was only trying to pull Hui up. He claimed Hui was falsely accusing him.

Ted Hui Chi-fung Stephen Chan Chit-kwai
Photo: Ted Hui.

In a statement, Hui said two councillors, Ng Siu-hong of the Democratic Party and Yeung Hok-ming of the pro-Beijing DAB party, both raised amendments to his motion.

Chan, the chairman of the Culture, Leisure & Social Affairs Committee, first handled Yeung’s motion and it was passed. Yeung’s amendments removed the phrase “opposing the closure of Queen’s Road Post Office.”

Ng proposed adding the phrase again. Hui was not satisfied that Chan refused to add Ng’s amendments to Yeung’s passed one and proceed to a vote.

Hui said Chan was abusing his power and he raised a protest, that he demanded a recorded vote, but Chan did not care about it. Hui then came to Chan to argue with him, as Hui tried to switch off his mic.

“As a democrat, you cannot do this [inaudible],” Chan said, as he pulled Hui’s hand from the mic. They both fell.

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Chan got up and told another district councillor to continue speaking: “I will deal with him [Ted Hui].”

Chan was then holding Hui by the neck and Hui was seen suffering some discomfort.

Other district councillors urged them to stop the scuffle. Chan then decided to terminate the meeting.

Hui condemned Chan’s move and said he was “deeply disappointed by the act of the chairman who was emotionally out of control.” He said he has decided to report the incident to the police on Friday after receiving legal advice.

After the meeting, Chan said Hui had twice tried to block his mic, and he fell during the scuffle as he lost balance. He denied holding Hui by the neck and said he was only trying to pull Hui up.

Chan also said his hand and arm were injured and he had sought medical attention.

Ted Hui
Ted Hui during the 2014 protest. File

In 2014, Ted Hui staged a sit-in protest against the “black box” decision-making process at the council, when it attempted to pass a HK$250,000 funding bill to promote the Basic Law at a closed-door meeting. Hui was pulled away by security guards.

Hui was also elected a lawmaker for the Hong Kong Island constituency last year.

sai-wan-tree stephen chan
The posters in protest were spotted at the chopped down wall trees in Sai Wan. Photo: Facebook/westerndistrict.

Stephen Chan was previously criticised for failing to save the iconic trees on Bonham Road from being cut down.

Kris Cheng

Kris Cheng

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