Ousted lawmakers Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung Chung-hang have been arrested for allegedly participating in an unlawful assembly.

Police visited them at their residences on Wednesday morning and took them to the Central Police Station at around 7am, their office said. The duo was transferred to the Police Headquarters in Wan Chai and then sent back to the Central Police Station.

Baggio Leung and Yau Wai-ching trying to enter a meeting at the legislature. File photo: Stanley Leung/HKFP.

Yau’s former legislative aide Terry Yeung was also taken to the Central Police Station, according to their office.

It said Wednesday’s arrest was related to a chaotic episode at the legislature last November where Yau and Leung attempted to barge into a meeting after they were barred from entering to re-take their oaths as lawmakers.

The pro-Beijing camp called police for assistance at the time, while three security guards were injured and taken away in ambulances.

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Yau and Leung were embroiled in controversy last October after they pronounced China as “Chee-na” – a term deemed insulting to some Chinese people – and held a “Hong Kong is not China” flag during a swearing-in session. Chief Executive Leung Chung-ying and the justice secretary subsequently filed a judicial review against them.

The pair were unseated last November after the High Court held that their oaths were invalid owing to their controversial conduct.

Under the Public Order Ordinance, the offence carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison upon conviction on indictment, or a HK$5,000 fine and three years in prison upon summary conviction

Ellie Ng

Ellie Ng has written for Foreign Policy, the Daily Telegraph, Global Voices Online and others.