A 55-year-old man has died after falling onto the train tracks at Sheung Shui MTR station. It is the second such incident in five days.

The incident took place at around 11:52pm on Tuesday. Police investigators said the man jumped onto the tracks and was then killed by an approaching train. They said they did not consider the case to be suspicious.

tai wo station
Commuters at Tai Wo Station asked to vacate the train after a man fell onto the tracks. Photo: Alex Chan‎, via Facebook.

Firefighters responded to rescue the man, who was trapped under the train. He was pronounced dead after being retrieved from the tracks at around 12:30am.

A spokesperson for the MTR Corporation said train services resumed at around 1am.

mtr rescue
Rescuers tried to remove the man from the tracks. Photo: Vivian Wong, via Facebook.

Affected commuters may apply for a delay certificate on the MTR Corporation’s website.

Last Friday, a 65-year-old man was killed after falling onto the tracks at the same station.

Police investigators later said they did not rule out the possibility that he ended his life after suffering from chronic diseases.

sheung shui mtr
Photo: Wikicommons.

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