High-profile North Korean defector Yeonmi Park will be speaking in Hong Kong about her escape from the DPRK and her experience adapting to the outside world.

Park escaped from North Korea, crossing the border into China with her mother in 2007, when she was thirteen. She has spoken publicly about her poverty-stricken childhood in North Korea, how she and her mother were sold by traffickers in China and how they crossed the Gobi desert to freedom in Mongolia.

yeonmi park

A video of her speech at the 2004 One Young World conference in Dublin received millions of views on YouTube.


Park frequently speaks at conferences around the world, and has written a memoir entitled “In Order to Live.”

YouTube video

Park will be speaking on April 4 at 3:30pm at the Diocesan Boys’ School in Kowloon and on April 6 at 6:30pm at Island ECC in Quarry Bay. The events are organised by Hong Kong Students for Liberty.

Tickets cost HK$150 and are available here.

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