Hong Kong’s mostly pro-Beijing print media have welcomed Carrie Lam’s victory in Sunday’s small-circle chief executive election, in which she was voted in by a small circle of 777 electors. While the pro-Beijing media mostly emphasised her pledge to create unity in Hong Kong, the pro-democracy Apple Daily noted her low popularity ratings.

Ta Kung Pao – Carrie Lam wins clear victory, pledges to mend divisions

Wen Wei Po – Carrie Lam wins clear victory with high vote count of 777: A new chapter for Hong Kong, let us support ‘Nüwa holding up the sky’.

At a press conference last week, Hong Kong’s richest man Li Ka-shing had said that he hoped the city’s new leader would follow the example of “Nüwa holding up the sky” – a mythical goddess that was said to have created mankind. Some believed that this reference was an allusion to his support for Carrie Lam, as the two other candidates on Sunday were male.

Ming Pao – Carrie Lam wins with 777 votes, says her first mission is to mend divisions

The centrist Ming Pao also highlighted Lam’s pledge of unity on page two.

South China Morning Post – Lam vows to unite divided city.

Apple Daily – The chief executive-elect with the lowest popularity in history: Carrie Lam wins with 777 votes

Sing Pao – Carrie Lam won the election, but not the hearts of the people: Hong Kong cannot lose, it must strive for the dream of unity

The traditionally pro-Beijing Sing Pao, known for its scathing attacks on Leung Chun-ying and his alleged Chinese government backers in recent years, has also criticised election winner Lam.

Mainland China

In mainland China, both state news agency Xinhua and nationalist tabloid Global Times published editorials welcoming Lam’s victory. Global Times, in particular, denounced “political rallies” by opposition forces in Hong Kong society before and after the vote.


Elson Tong

Elson Tong is a graduate of international relations and former investigations consultant. He has also written for Stand News.