Rejected donations from the entertainment sector in support of seven jailed police officers will still be given to their families, two film industry groups have said.

Well-known figures of the entertainment industry donated HK$7,777,777 to the APO Relief Fund for the families of the seven police officers jailed for assaulting pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang in 2014. But three donations were later turned down following questions over the backgrounds of some of the donors.

In response, the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association and the Hong Kong Chamber of Films said they were disappointed by the incident and apologised to the three companies.

HK$7,777,777 donation from the entertainment industry. Photo: Weibo.

“This incident was used by some people with ulterior motives to create a stunt, twisting and smearing a pure charitable act, it is shameful,” a full page statement printed in several Chinese-language newspapers on Monday read.

It said the three companies are respected “pillars of the industry” and have created many jobs. A report carried by TVB previously stated the rejected amount totalled around HK$2.5 million.

Lawmaker and former anti-graft officer Lam Cheuk-ting had urged the police force to decline donations from people with “questionable backgrounds,” including ex-convicts.

The two groups said they have decided to keep hold of the donations from the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association temporarily and will “seek appropriate and legitimate means” to pass them to the families of the jailed officers. It did not explain how.

The statement from the two film groups.

The Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association includes most of the renowned film companies in the city.

Injuries sustained by pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang following the assault by seven police officers. Photo: Ken Tsang, via Facebook.

Its directors included managing figures of major companies such as Mei Ah Film Production, Sil-Metropole Organisation, China Star HK Entertainment, Media Asia Film, Emperor Motion Picture Enterprise, Universe Entertainment, Sundream Motion Pictures, Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment, among others.

Kris Cheng

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