Around 100 people protested against chief executive candidate Carrie Lam on Sunday.
Protesters chanted slogans such as “No to Carrie Lam” and “Restart the political reform process” as they marched from Causeway Bay to the government’s headquarters in Admiralty.
“Restart the political reform process.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
Former lawmakers Alan Leong and Audrey Eu also took part in the protest. Leong accused Lam of being arrogant, saying that she might take an even more hard-line approach than incumbent leader Leung Chun-ying, RTHK reported.
Alan Leong. Photo: Dan Garrett.
“I am determined to do all I can to stop Lam from rising to power,” Leong said.
“No to Carrie Lam.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
Eu expressed concern over the election, and urged the public to participate in the unofficial referendum on the leadership race.
Photo: Dan Garrett.
“No to Carrie Lam.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
“No to Carrie Lam.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
“Ordained chief executive.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
“Religious freedom. No to Carrie Lam.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
“No to Carrie Lam.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
“Abide by the procedure.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
“No to Carrie Lam. No to lies.” Photo: Dan Garrett.
The other contenders for chief executive include ex-judge Woo Kwok-hing and former finance chief John Tsang. The election takes place on March 26.

Words: Ellie Ng.

Dan Garrett

Dan Garrett, PhD, is an author, photographer, political scientist, and visual sociologist studying China’s securitization of Hong Kong. His first book examined the Region’s vivacious protest culture and defence of the Hongkonger identity. A second investigating China’s post-Umbrella national security crackdown on protests/protesters and the militarisation of SAR protest policing is in process.