Works by two dozen Hong Kong, mainland Chinese and Taiwanese photographers will be on display at the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards, exhibited in London from April to May. HKFP has obtained a glimpse of some of the images competing for the top prize.

“Head of Family.” Photo: Huang Weihua.

“Li Hang could not help eating delicious food.” Photo: Li Song.

“The Se Da Before the Rainstorm.” Photo: Chen Yihui.

“Facade Hunt.” Photo: Denise YK Tsang.

“Shaolin Kungfu.” Photo: Luo Pinxi.

“Street Throne.” Photo: Juang Mu-en.

“Cannot grasp the family portrait photo.” Photo: Liu Yong.

“Taste of Home.” Photo: Li Huaifeng.

“Autumn Harvest Season – Sep.” Photo: Wang Xiaowei.

“The twins’ gymnastics dream.” Photo: Peng Yuan.

“Urban forest.” Photo: Chak Kwong Man.

“Illusion.” Photo: Gao Peng.

“Left-behind children (3).” Photo: Chen Renshi.

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