Hundreds of expatriate workers protested against US President Donald Trump in Central on Sunday.

trump protest
Protesters hold signs during a rally organised by the International Migrants Alliance to protest against US President Donald Trump and his recent immigration and refugee restrictions, outside the US consulate in Hong Kong on February 5, 2017. Photo: Isaac Lawrence/AFP.

The group, many of them Indonesian domestic workers, were led by the local International Migrants Alliance.

Protesters chanted “US imperialist, number one terrorist!” and “No ban, no wall!” as they proceeded to the US consulate.

Trump signed an executive order last month banning travellers from seven Muslim countries, suspending all admission of refugees for 120 days and banning Syrian refugees indefinitely.

However, a federal judge blocked the order last Friday. On Sunday, the US Appeals Court rejected the government’s request to reinstate it.

He has also proposed building a wall on the US-Mexican border.

Domestic worker activist Eni Lestari told HKFP on Friday that Trump’s policies promote hate, xenophobia, bigotry and misogyny.

“His acts means disaster and misery caused by men against people in US and in the world. Thus, we must stand in solidarity to fight Trump’s tyranny,” she said.

Last Wednesday, several dozen activists attended a similar rally calling upon Trump to scrap the immigration ban.

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