A Singaporean blogger has amassed over 2,700 Facebook “likes” with a catchy song about the military hardware currently being held by Hong Kong authorities. Mr Brown, who describes himself as a “satirist, writer, lyricist, traveler, actor, podcaster,” urges the return of the Terrex vehicles in the catchy “Singlish” ditty.

Singlish is a popular creole, with unique slang and syntax, based on English.

A shipment of nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles, and other military hardware, has been held in Hong Kong since November 23 last year. Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has said that the seizure does not comply with international or Hong Kong law.

‘A-Neh Kuan Buay Sai Mah’

Also gaining viral traction is a similarly light-hearted song by Alvin Oon entitled Give Me Back My Terrex Chia.

YouTube video

By Wednesday, his version had been seen over 100,000 times.

Terrex AV-81 Infantry Carrier Vehicle.
Singapore displays the Terrex AV-81 Infantry Carrier Vehicle.
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