An intense quarrel unfolded between pro-Beijing lawmaker Ann Chiang and the Democratic Party’s lawmaker Helena Wong during Monday’s session of the Panel on Education.

The session was attended by Secretary for Education Eddie Ng Hak-kim. The row started as soon as Wong’s round began, with Chiang, who chaired the meeting, commenting that Wong “likes talking so much” after she invited the pro-democracy lawmaker to raise questions for Ng.

ann chiang helena wong
Helena Wong (R), Ann Chiang (L). Photo: Youtube.

Wong complained about the attitude of Chiang, who then fired back, insisting that she had the right to reply to Wong’s criticism. The Democratic Party’s lawmaker asked Chiang to “shut up” several times, while Chiang stood firm and said she had the power to decide how to run the meeting.

The heated exchange lasted about two minutes.

YouTube video

Chiang also took aim at Wong’s party colleague Ted Hui Chi-fung during the session. After criticising Hui for not looking at her when he spoke, Chiang told Wong, who is more senior, to “teach him manners.”

The pro-Beijing lawmaker continued to interrupt Hui afterwards. Hui, a father of two, said to the secretary: “My son and daughter are going to primary schools soon.” Chiang then asked: “My son and daughter… Your son and daughter?”

Hui fired back: “I want you to give me back a minute of speaking time. I take this meeting very seriously, and you are simply messing around with us.”

Ted Hui Chi-fung
Ted Hui Chi-fung. File

A short quarrel ensued, with Chiang insisting that Hui needed to look at her when he spoke. She refused to allow Hui to speak beyond the time limit.

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YouTube video

Similar to Hui, localist lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai was asked to look at Chiang while speaking. Cheng later complained during the session that education sector lawmaker Yip Kin-yuen, who was the vice-chair of the meeting and sat next to Chiang, did not look at Chiang when speaking.

Chiang responded: “This is a matter between the two of us and none of your business.”

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