During the final days of the pro-democracy Occupy protests in 2014, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying predicted that authorities would see “furious resistance” from protesters during the Admiralty clear-out operation. Chief Secretary Carrie Lam warned that “some radical elements” had infiltrated the protest camp. Click here for part two.
However, the clear-out operation was peaceful throughout.
occupy we'll be back
Photo: Julianne Yang.
Fifty representatives from a bus company that brought an injunction against occupiers removed some barriers at the west end of the encampment.
The operation was overseen by around a dozen observers from the Human Rights Monitor, representatives from the Independent Commentators Association, 50 professors from local universities, several members of the Independent Police Complaints Commission and hundreds of journalists and photographers.
Signs reading “we will be back” and “this is just the beginning” were posted around the site.
At around 2pm, police gave a 30 minute warning for people to leave the area or risk arrest.

Police noted the ID card details of 909 people who chose to remain after the police deadline.

Around 7,000 police officers were mobilised for the operation in two shifts.
Having surrounded the site, police officers – some in tactical gear – slowly moved in to the encampment from all directions.

Click here for part two.

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