A letter containing a death threat and a blade has been sent to Youngspiration politician Baggio Leung Chung-hang.

Leung wrote that “I have seen this on TV a lot, but I have never expected that this would happen to me one day.”

The letter, which was poorly rendered in simplified Chinese, read: “Ask your parents to cook you something good, you will not have long to live – whomever is anti-communist, [we] will kill you, you must die!” It was signed by an “underground party red army warrior.”

Leung wrote on Facebook asking the sender to “please write in clearer handwriting and do not use simplified characters, otherwise the one you are threatening will not be able to understand your threat.”

Threatening note received by Baggio Leung with a blade attached. Photo: Baggio Leung via Facebook.

Leung said he was concerned for himself and his family, asking those who were threatening him to target him only, and not his family.

The last line of the letter read: “You must report this to the police.” Leung wrote that he was still considering whether to do so or not.

Ejected from office

Leung, along with party member Yau Wai-ching, protested during their oath-taking as they were being sworn in as lawmakers in October. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen subsequently lodged legal challenges against them for using a term deemed derogatory to Chinese people. Before the court handed down its ruling, Beijing’s top legislature issued an interpretation of the Basic Law which said lawmakers must take their oath of office sincerely and solemnly, or they would not be able to take their seats. Following that, the duo lost their case in the initial hearing and in an ensuing appeal.

Stanley Leung

Stanley is a Media and Communications graduate from Goldsmiths College in London. He takes particular interest in visual journalism, having produced photographic and video work on a number of social and political issues. He has also interned at the current affairs service of RTHK’s TV division.