A Beijing court issued a domestic violence protection order last week to protect a male victim from domestic abuse from his wife, The Paper reports.

According to the Chinese news website, the court order required Ms. Lee to cease harassing and abusing her husband Mr. Zhang. This was also the first domestic violence protection order issued to a male victim by a Beijing court.

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Zhang said that there have been multiple conflicts between him and his wife since they got married in 2014. Zhang was hospitalised after his wife physically abused him in May this year, suffering multiple soft tissue injuries.

The couple gave birth to a child earlier this year. Zhang said that Lee neglected the feelings of their baby when physically abusing him and verbally abusing her mother-in-law.

Divorce rejected 

Zhang was abused again on November 29, after which he reported the case to the police. He applied for a divorce the day after, but the application did not meet requirements as his wife was still within the nursing period.

Instead, Zhang applied for domestic violence protection, submitting his medical history, photos of his injuries, and police report records as evidence.

The order was approved last Friday, and will be effective for six months. If Lee fails to comply with the order, she could face criminal charges according to Article 34 of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Stanley Leung

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