A video of the former president of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang singing a Christmas carol to fundraise for charity has gone viral on social media.

In the post, Tsang said every “like” or “share” of the video will raise HK$1 for the Child Development Matching Fund, a community-based charity that serves underprivileged youth in Hong Kong.

Jasper Tsang singing a Christmas carol.

The post has attracted over 13,000 likes and 1,300 shares so far.

One of the top comments on the video, which was written by columnist and talk show host Joe Lee, said: “[Tsang] is more Facebook-savvy than CY Leung.” Another commenter wrote: “You are the only pro-establishment figure that I respect.”

Others were critical of the publicity stunt. One commenter questioned whether the money raised would be spent on projects in mainland China, while another said Tsang was only trying to garner public support to run in the chief executive election next year.

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