A Hong Kong actor, Derek Wong, has filmed a clip wearing a sari and his face painted brown in a “racist” parody of the viral sensation Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.


In the video, he says he has a “pan-ne” and a “pineapple-le,” as well as an “apple-le,” while mimicking an Indian accent. He also made reference to mangoes and chicken curry as he ran to the bathroom saying: “don’t be afraid of pooping.”

One commenter of the video asked: “Isn’t this…racist?” Another confirmed: “that’s racist dude.”

indian auntie racist parody

One, however, said: “I don’t know why people are mad, the Indians have not said anything, what are you so worried for???” Another simply lamented that it was “quite funny, but filmed too late, the popularity has passed.”

Update: 30/10: The original video has since been removed and an apology issued by Wong.

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