LegCo president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen said on Monday after a meeting with the pro-democracy camp that he will review the current situation with the LegCo Secretariat before making a decision on whether or not to block the two Youngspiration politicians from retaking their oaths.

LegCo president Andrew Leung speaking to the media. Photo iCable news screenshot.

The government filed an application for an interim injunction last Tuesday to block Sixtus Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching of Youngspiration from being sworn into LegCo again, despite Leung ruling otherwise. Although the court denied the government’s application, the pro-establishment camp vowed to use all possible means to block the two lawmakers from retaking their oaths.

Leung said the threat made by the pro-establishment camp would affect LegCo’s operation, but would not put political pressure on him. Leung added that he has not yet decided whether to overthrow his own ruling or not.

According to a Sing Tao report, Andrew Leung planned to change his ruling to temporarily block the Youngspiration duo from being sworn into LegCo again. Andrew Leung responded to the report by saying it was just speculation.

James To addressing the media after meeting with Andrew Leung. Photo: iCable news screenshot.

James To Kun-sun of the Democratic Party, who led the meeting with Andrew Leung, said “we think [Andrew Leung] should not change his ruling.” He added that “the president should only act according to the law and not according to politics – the president should not allow politics to override the rule of law.”

To also said the rationale behind Andrew Leung’s original ruling to allow the Youngspiration duo to retake their oaths was very strong. “If the president is acting according to the law, there are no reasons to rule otherwise,” To said.


Stanley Leung

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