A photo of an old man enjoying a newspaper and a coffee at a flooded Chai Wan Starbucks went viral on the TV Most Facebook page on Wednesday.

Ne2gaUW.jpg (757×527)

The inspiring image, which encapsulates the unheeding resilience of Hongkongers everywhere, gained over 12,000 Facebook “reactions” and over 1,500 shares.

A photo posted a little later showed that the intrepid citizen had been joined by another adventurous soul.

CUbikCS.jpg (960×960)

It wasn’t long before netizens took to Photoshop…

shark starbucks
Photo: Tsz Him Ko, via Facebook.
Kristy Chan starbucks
Photo: Kristy Chan, via Facebook.
starbucks guy
Photo: Tham Kj, via Facebook.
Manfred ToTo photo
Photo: Manfred ToTo.
facebook photoshop
starbucks uncle.
Photo: Adam Lam, via Facebook.
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