The opening of the South Island MTR line may be delayed for up to three months, the chair of the MTR Corporation Frederick Ma Si-hang has said.

The new MTR line connects Admiralty station in Central to the Southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is scheduled to open by the end of the year.

The South Island Line. Photo: MTR.

“You can appreciate whilst there are so many passengers using the Admiralty station every day, there are construction works going on underneath the station, including the South Island Line extension, as well as the Shatin-Central link. So it is a very very difficult job, but our colleagues are trying our very best to make sure that we meet our progress report,” Ma told reporters on Thursday.

The line will connect Admiralty, Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang, Lei Tung and South Horizons, with an estimated 11 minutes of travel time between Admiralty and South Horizons.

When the two new lines are complete, Admiralty will serve as an interchange station for four MTR lines.

Photo: Nash Jenkins.

The MTR Corporation will still try to open the line by the end of December, but it will start operating in the first quarter of next year at the latest, Ma said. He told reporters that the date will be clearer by mid-November.

Catherine Lai

Catherine is a Canadian journalist and photographer who lived in Beijing for almost two years, working in TV and online media. Aside from Hong Kong and mainland affairs, she is also interested in urban spaces, art and feminism. She holds a BA in Literature and Art History from the University of British Columbia.