“Uncivilised” tourists in Beijing who are on a blacklist could be banned from attractions, hotels, and tour groups, according to Beijing news outlet Jinghua.

On Wednesday, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission and the Beijing Civilisation Office released a set of interim measures. The two bodies set up the disciplinary measures with ten-odd municipal-level departments.

Photo: Pixabay.

The measures state that tourism operation units can limit the purchase of tickets to attractions, checking in to hotels and joining tour groups during peak travel times, reported Jinghua. The police, airlines, railways, and security officials at airports can also issue warnings to and restrain “uncivilised” travellers who were put on the blacklist.

Records of “uncivilised behaviour” will be kept for one to five years. They will be listed online on different platforms. After the date, they will be taken offline but kept in the tourism commission’s internal records.

Travel agencies can also refuse service to these travellers during the record period, the measures state.

Photo: Wikicommons.

Staff working in the tourism industry who violate the law, the rules of their profession or “public order and good customs,” could also be blacklisted. Beijing authorities stated in the new measures that if staff allow uncivilised behaviour, they could also be blacklisted.

The measures also state that tourists creating a disruption on the Beijing subway also constitutes uncivilised behaviour.

Catherine Lai

Catherine is a Canadian journalist and photographer who lived in Beijing for almost two years, working in TV and online media. Aside from Hong Kong and mainland affairs, she is also interested in urban spaces, art and feminism. She holds a BA in Literature and Art History from the University of British Columbia.