The opposition camp has maintained its veto power in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council after winning 19 of 35 seats in the geographical constituencies, with localist parties gaining three of the 19 seats. Pan-democrats also won three out of five seats in the District Council (Second) constituency, also called super seats.

The opposition camp of pan-democratic and localist parties needed to win 18 seats in geographical constituencies to reject bills proposed by fellow lawmakers. A total of 24 seats – including those won in the geographical and the functional constituencies – were needed for the veto of issues such as Hong Kong’s political reform. The opposition parties won eight seats in the functional constituency.

legco empty
File photo: HKFP.

Among the increasingly popular localist groups who advocate greater self-determination for Hong Kong, candidates from Youngspiration and Civic Passion won seats.

In Hong Kong Island where there are six seats, the winners are Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee (New People’s Party), Nathan Law Kwun Chung (Demosistō), Kwok Wai-keung (Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, or HKFTU), Hui Chi-fung (Democratic Party), Horace Cheung Kwok-kwan (The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, or DAB), and Tanya Chan (Civic Party).

In Kowloon East where there are five seats, the winners are Wilson Or Chong-shing (DAB), Paul Tse Wai-chun (independent), Wu Chi-wai (Democratic Party), Wong Kwok-kin (HKFTU), and Jeremy Jansen Tam Man-ho (Civic Party).

Nathan Law 2016 legco elections
Nathan Law, who won a seat in the Hong Kong Island constituency. Photo: InMedia.

In Kowloon West where there were six seats, the winners are Ann Chiang Lai-wan (DAB), Priscilla Leung Mei-fun (Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong), Lau Siu-lai (Democracy Groundwork), Claudia Mo Man-ching (Civic Party), Helena Wong Pik-wan (Democratic Party), and Yau Wai-ching (Youngspiration and AllinHK).

In New Territories East where there are nine seats, the winners are Elizabeth Quat (DAB), Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu (Civic Party), Gary Chan Hak-kan (DAB and New Territories Association of Societies), Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung (Labour Party), Raymond Chan Chi-chuen (People Power), Lam Cheuk-ting (Democratic Party), Eunice Yung Hoi-yan (New People’s Party), and Sixtus “Baggio” Leung Chung-hang (Youngspiration), and Leung Kwok-hung (League of Social Democrats).

Winners of New Territories East
Pan-democratic winners of New Territories East constituency. Photo: InMedia.

In New Territories West where there are nine seats, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick (independent), Michael Tien Puk-sun (New People’s Party), Cheng Chung-tai (Civic Passion), Leung Che-cheung (DAB and New Territories Association of Societies), Ben Chan Han-pan (DAB), Alice Mak Mei-kuen (HKFTU), Kwok Ka-ki (Civic Party), Andrew Wan Siu-kin (Democratic Party), and Ho Kwan-yiu (independent).

In the District Council (Second) constituency where five district councillors are elected by the public, the winners are Roy Kwong Chun-yu (Democratic Party), Starry Lee Wai-king (DAB), Leung Yiu-chung (Neighbourhood and Worker’s Service Centre), Holden Chow Ho-ding (DAB), and James To Kun-sun (Democratic Party).

Eddie Chu
Eddie Chu. Photo: Cloud.

Some 2.2 million Hongkongers cast their ballots in Sunday’s election, representing 58 per cent of the electorate, according to the Electoral Affairs Commission. The voter turnout smashed the previous record of 55.60 per cent set during the Legislative Council election of 2004; 53.05 per cent of the electorate voted during the last election in 2012.

Despite the opposition holding on to their veto power, it remains to be seen how the pan-democrats and localist candidates will work together.

regina ip
Regina Ip. Photo: InMedia.

The next term of the Legislative Council will begin on October 1, 2016.

With additional reporting from Chantal Yuen.

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