The Civic Party’s Alvin Yeung Nok-kiu is the most “Googled” legislative election candidate in Hong Kong, according to the web search giant.

Google’s latest report recorded what candidates Hongkongers were searching for information on. It was revealed that Holden Chow Ho-ding, vice-chairman of the pro-Beijing DAB Party who is running in the District Council (second) functional constituency, was the second most-searched for candidate ahead of this Sunday’s poll.

Leticia Lee See-yin, an outspoken pro-Beijing candidate running in the New Territories East constituency, ranked third.

Holden Chow and Alvin Yeung
Holden Chow (left) and Alvin Yeung (right). Photo: Stand News.

The figures were collected between January and August. Both Yeung and Chow also ran in the 2016 New Territories East by-election held on February 28 this year, which may explain their increased popularity.

Ken Chow Wing-kan, a Liberal Party election hopeful who abruptly suspended his campaign last Thursday after citing “threats” to people around him, was the tenth most searched-for candidate. Chow was the most “Googled” among those running in the New Territories West constituency.

Ken Chow Wing-kan
Ken Chow Wing-kan. Photo: i-Cable Screenshot.

Of all districts in the geographical constituency, Hong Kong netizens have paid the most attention to the Kowloon West constituency over the past 30 days.

Among all functional constituencies, Hongkongers were most interested in the District Council (second) functional constituency – a special constituency set up in 2012. Among the candidates in this category, the most searched-for candidates are Holden Chow, as well as Democratic party candidates Kwong Chun-yu and James To Kun-sun.

The 2016 Legislative Council election is scheduled to be held this Sunday. The full list of candidates running across districts and constituencies can be viewed here.

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