Pro-Beijing online media HKG Pao claimed on Sunday that more candidates advocating for Hong Kong Independence will be disqualified before the Legislative Council election on September 4.

The newspaper, which was established by anti-Umbrella Movement activist Robert Chow Yung, cited “internal sources” as saying that more candidates could be kicked out of the race after the Olympic gold medalists from the Chinese National Team leave Hong Kong on Monday. The same report also claimed that only a few candidates who “persistently and repeatedly talk about Hong Kong Independence during election forums” will have their candidacies declared invalid.

In July, HKG Pao cited sources as claiming that pro-independence candidates would be disqualified. Six candidates were subsequently barred from running.

Edward Leung Tin-kei
Edward Leung Tin-kei, leader of localist group Hong Kong Indigenous, was one of the six candidates barred from running in this election. Photo: Cloud.

Nevertheless, during a rally organised by localist group Youngspiration on Sunday, some candidates were continuing to openly call for the city’s independence from China.

Kenny Wong Chun-kit, a Youngspiration party member and candidate for the New Territories West constituency, said: “Today I am just being myself. I support Hong Kong Independence, so what?” He added that he had risked his future, reputation and money by running in this election and that he is not afraid of losing his life.

Chan Chak-to
Chan Chak-to. Photo: TMHK, via Facebook.

Chan Chak-to, who is running in the Kowloon East constituency, also openly called for independence and self-determination for Hong Kong. He said he had received a dubious email asking for his election platform from an email address bearing the domain of the Home Affairs Department.

The email, which was reportedly sent from “” under the name “Sin Wa,” enquired about Chan’s election platform without providing further information about the sender’s identity. Chan said he would not reply the email but admitted that he is facing a high chance of disqualification, according to Ming Pao.

Chan Chak-to email
The email sent to Chan Chak-to as shown on Sunday. Photo: Apple Daily.

HKFP was unable to locate a person called “Sin Wa” bearing the email address.

The full list of candidates running across districts and constituencies can be viewed here.

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