Underground livehouse Hidden Agenda will close in mid-October after owners agreed to return its property in Kwun Tong to the landlord.

“Until this moment, Hidden Agenda did not consider giving up, but we are really coming to an end in the last half of this year,” a notice posted by the venue on social media said.

hidden agenda hong kong

Fans reacted with sadness on social media. “Maybe on the last night you could have a crazy all-night party? Don’t know when we’ll see you next time, the venue won’t be the same, won’t have that elevator, won’t have that door,” one commenter said.

String of warnings

The livehouse received its third warning from the government back in June. It is currently housed in an industrial building and has been repeatedly inspected by the Lands Department. According to a warning letter posted by the venue’s manager Hui Chung-wo earlier this year, the building cannot be used for anything other than industrial, storage and select offensive trades purposes.

Its closure comes amid a crackdown on properties misusing industrial spaces after a fire broke out in the district, claiming the lives of two firefighters.

A show by Swedish post-rock act pg.lost will take place on September 1.

Additional reporting: Catherine Lai.

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