The newest addition to Hong Kong’s cafe scene is taking a soft approach to business — with 12 resident rabbits for customers to pet.

The “Rabbitland” bunnies munch on grass while visitors coo over them between sips of tea and bites of toasted sandwich.

Tucked away on the third floor of a high-rise in the busy commercial district of Causeway Bay, the cafe says it gives people who have no room to keep a pet in space-starved Hong Kong the chance to bond with the fluffy animals.

Most of the rabbits have been abandoned by previous owners.

Hong Kong already has a number of “cat cafes”, but this is the first one for rabbits, inspired by a similar shop in Japan.

“I like how soft they are and like their fur and how gentle they are when you feed them,” says Natalie Chan, 11, whose mother had brought her to find out more about keeping rabbits as she wants one as a pet.

There are a list of rules about how to behave around the animals, including not picking them up or pulling their ears.

rabbit cafe
File photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

Co-founder Teddy Chui, 29, says anyone who does not obey the rules is asked to leave.

Photo: Rabbitcafe.

The “Rabbitland” bunnies are not for sale, but Chui says a visit helps children understand what looking after one would involve.

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“A lot of parents bring their kids here if they want to buy a rabbit, so they know it’s not all about playing with them — it’s a lot of work and responsibility,” says Chui.

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