The British Consulate-General Hong Kong will hold a Facebook live session next Thursday at 1pm. Meanwhile, it is collecting questions on the social media platform, asking those with questions to simply comment on the post. Commenters took the chance to ask about the procedures leading up to the 1997 handovers, as well as the privileges granted by the British National (Overseas) passport (BNO).

The talk will be held by Consul General Caroline Wilson, who will be leaving her post in the city in early September. Questions in the thread may be featured in the live broadcast.

Caroline Wilson
Caroline Wilson. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

The post got 49 comments and 231 likes, including 216 thumbs ups by 2:30pm on Wednesday.

Commenters asked questions about Hong Kong’s handover to China, such as “why didn’t the British Hong Kongers have any referendum to decide their future before?” Others asked questions regarding the rights of the British National (Overseas) passport. “As British citizens can enter America without a traveling visa, can Her Majesty’s government consider to propose and consult with the US government [so] that British National (Overseas) Passport holders can enter the US without a traveling visa?” one asked.

1997 Handover
The 1997 handover. Photo: Stand News.

Another asked: “As the BNO status itself could only be acquired voluntarily, which the British Government thought that it wouldn’t break the Joint Declaration, then why can’t we now be offered the same way to register as British Citizens?”

Others took the chance to make comments such as “Take back hong kong please,” and “China is evil, please save us.”

Former US Consul General Clifford Hart also held a live session in July, shortly before he left his post.

Chantal Yuen is a Hong Kong journalist interested in issues dealing with religion and immigration. She majored in German and minored in Middle Eastern studies at Princeton University.