The Pokemon Go mobile app sensation has finally landed in Hong Kong, much to the delight of fans.

The augmented reality mobile game is available on Android and iPhone systems. It uses the device’s camera and location detection functions to display Pokemon characters in the environment around you.

Local users first spotted that the maps were live on Monday morning at around 11:30am. It was soon rolled out officially on app stores.

On Twitter, Hongkongers wasted no time posting pictures of them trying out the game.

A local Pokemon Go community group on Facebook posted a congratulatory message following the game’s release and said, “If the game suddenly doesn’t work later, don’t kill me, kill Niantic!”

pokemon go

“I can finally begin my journey of becoming a pokemon master,” one said in response to the announcement. “Let’s go, our fellow [pokemon trainers], and cheer for Hong Kong – I want to catch a Pikachu!” another said.

HKFP reporters can confirm that a Haunter and a Zubat have been spotted at its Cyberport headquarters.

cyberport pokemon

Meanwhile, in China, users do not have access, but that hasn’t stopped rabid fans from finding underhanded workarounds, with varying degrees of success.

YouTube video

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