A new air-conditioned tram will be on the roads next week, and the operator will be asking the public to give feedback on the temperature they prefer.

Passengers can hop on the No. 88, the pilot cooler tram for the trial, after June 6. The test will initially run for three months during the hottest summer period.

Fares for the pilot tram, built at the Whitty Street Depot and sporting a light blue colour, will be the same as those on regular trams.

The air-conditioned tram, with managing director Emmanuel Vivant. Photo: Hong Kong Tramways.

In the first four weeks, Hong Kong Tramways will conduct a test, by setting the air-conditioning at three different temperatures – at 23, 25 and 27 degrees Celsius, and a setting with ventilation only.

One setting will be used each day and data will be recorded for future analysis.

A survey will also be conducted to collect passengers’ feedback: passengers who boarded the tram will be invited to take an on-board face-to-face interview or complete an online questionnaire.

Photo: Hong Kong Tramways.

Hong Kong Tramways said the objective of the pilot was to identify the best-adapted solution to enhance internal ventilation and riding comfort. The company will fine-tune the temperature and ventilation settings based on passengers’ feedback after collecting and assessing the data at the end of the four week testing period.

At the same time, the company will also conduct a study to test the technical and financial feasibility of introducing air-conditioned trams to the whole tram fleet.

Hong Kong Tramways had reportedly planned to test an air-conditioned tram last year.


Kris Cheng

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