Live music venue Hidden Agenda received its third warning from the government this year on Monday. Hidden Agenda is housed in an industrial building in Ngau Tau Kok. The venue was also inspected twice by the Lands Department this year.

According to a warning letter, posted by Hidden Agenda manager Hui Chung-wo, the industrial building cannot be used for anything other than industrial, storage and select offensive trades purposes.

hidden agenda exit
Exit of Hidden Agenda. Photo: Hidden Agenda via Facebook.

“Please forgive me, I cannot get a licence, the real estate agents I am close with searched all Kwun Tong industrial buildings and they all have the same contracts,” said Hui on his Facebook post, “if there is no rebuilding or revitalisation, there will be no chance of getting an entertainment license.”

Photo: Hidden Agenda via Facebook.
Photo: Hidden Agenda via Facebook.

Hui also said that it would be difficult for Hidden Agenda to relocate due to increased action from the government to stamp out other uses of industrial buildings, especially after the introduction of the “Revitalising Industrial Buildings” plan. Many landlords are unwilling to rent space to live music venues.

He told Stand News that the rental contract for 2017-18 has not been signed yet and that he hopes the government will allow for artistic and musical activity inside industrial buildings.

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