A team from HK URBEX explored the former premises of St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School in Kwun Tong in 2014.
The huge white building is unmissable due to its large Christian cross, yet the campus has been abandoned since 2010.
Founded in 1958, the primary school began with just 11 classrooms, 23 staff and 140 students.
The school expanded to become one of the most prestigious institutions in the region.
A huge 30,000 sq foot secondary campus was opened in 1967 and the primary school was rebuilt in 1985.
In the mid-2000s, a structural survey revealed that the building could stand for another 20-30 years.
The management weighed up their options and decided to move to a new campus just 700 metres away.
The school in happier times…
Photo: Via WikiCommons.
HK Urbex

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