HKFP is a media partner for the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival.

The 20th Microwave International New Media Arts Festival will take place from June 3 to June 12, 2016.

The theme this year is “Be Water II”. Artists and scholars will be coming to the city with their latest media art works and projects revolving around topics of city, technology and life. It will present the idea of data as art and demonstrate how data is one of the key creative elements nowadays, with the form and fluidity of water.

microwave festival

The festival will consist of a series of different events, including a grand opening, a nontraditional “Unconference”, a main exhibition, artist symposium, workshops and film screening programmes.

The Unconference will be held at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre at the City University of Hong Kong in Kowloon Tong on May 27 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Speakers include Brain Opera’s Ellen Pearlman from the US, Considerations and Manifestations of BioData as Sound’s Mileece from the UK, and RadianceScape’s Chris Cheung Hon-him from Hong Kong.

Robot band

The grand opening will be at the Hong Kong City Hall on June 3 from 6:30pm, with Under Secretary for Home Affairs Florence Hui as the officiating guest. Kimura Masa from Japan will be performing Musical Mechanical Instruments – a mechanical band – at the event.

MMI. Photo provided by Microwave Festival.

Italian artist Paolo Cirio’s exhibit, Street Ghost will also be on display.

YouTube video

Cirio’s posters show life-sized pictures of people found on Google Street View printed and posted at the same physical locations as where they were taken.

The festival’s main exhibition will take place from June 4 to June 12 at the Hong Kong City Hall and will feature artists from Italy, the US, Hong Kong, Japan, France and more.

Entry to the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival is free. To find out more about the festival, visit

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