Chinese state leader Zhang Dejiang, who is currently in town for a Belt and Road summit, has said that the central government is satisfied with the Hong Kong’s government efforts and that he believed One Country, Two Systems will achieve success.

Zhang, China’s No. 3 official and the man in charge of Hong Kong affairs, arrived on Tuesday for a three-day visit. He headed to the central government offices on Tuesday afternoon accompanied by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to listen to a briefing on the government’s work. He was also greeted upon arrival by Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam, Financial Secretary John Tsang, and Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen.

zhang govt work
Zhang at a briefing of the government’s work. Photo: GovHK.

Zhang said that, under the leadership of Leung, the government had worked hard to innovate and continuously overcame obstacles.

“This government administration set appropriately ambitious policy ideals – be it developing the economy or improving people’s livelihoods, such as in areas of land, housing, providing for the elderly, alleviating poverty – many new initiatives were proposed and they achieved preliminary results,” Zhang said.

zhang dejiang govt work
Zhang speaking with gov’t officials at a briefing of their work. Photo: GovHK.

“Hong Kong is being confronted with a series of challenges, and it’s also facing rare opportunities for development. I hope all of you will keep up the good work and put the focus on the economy and livelihood… I have a lot of faith in Hong Kong and I think it has a bright future; One Country, Two Systems will be a success for sure,” he added.

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Zhang delivered a keynote address at a Belt and Road Summit on Wednesday morning and will be attending a banquet in his honour in the evening.

Zhang’s arrival in the city was greeted by a series of protests, with many demonstrators complaining that the protest areas were far away from the actual venues and not visible to Zhang. Thousands of police have been deployed and dozens of water-filled barricades were seen surrounding the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition area as a security measure.

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