Pro-Beijing lawmaker Wong Kwok-hing was reprimanded by the Legislative Council President Jasper Tsang Yok-sing on Friday for going “off-topic” during a debate on the appropriation bill for the government’s budget.

Wong first spoke about the budget, but digressed and complained about an incident on Wednesday in which he claimed lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung assaulted him. Wong said he did not report it to the police as he needed to stay in the legislature in order to maintain quorum.

“But I must formally point out this incident to you – the president – during this meeting… as an assault victim, I must strongly condemn Leung Kwok-hung for assaulting me,” he told Tsang.

Jasper Tsang and Wong Kwok-hing. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Leung Kwok-hung has insisted the incident was a misunderstanding and that he forgave Wong as “foolishness was not a sin”.

‘Strong discontent’

Jasper Tsang – also of the pro-Beijing camp – ordered Wong to halt his speech as it was not related to the amendments on the budget.

“Your matter might be ‘serious’ but it should be raised on an appropriate occasion,” Tsang said.

But Wong did not stop, and expressed his “strong discontent” over Tsang’s decision whilst continuing to condemn Leung.

Tsang adopted a stronger tone and ordered Wong to stop speaking once again: “Wong Kwok-hing, sit down!”

Tsang added that it would leave him no choice but to kick lawmakers out of the chamber if they continued such unacceptable behaviour. He urged lawmakers to demonstrate self-control.


The 2016 budget was passed by Friday afternoon.

‘MC Kwok Hing’ in the chamber

Wong Kwok-hing is considered to be a colourful lawmaker, as his speeches and actions inside and outside the legislature often attract parody from netizens.

He has regularly brought handwritten Chinese calligraphy and paintings into LegCo meeting to express his views. He also presented a handmade golden pair of scissors – to symbolise the cutting short of filibusters.

His speech in 2012 on opposing filibustering was made into a rap song music video, earning him the title “MC Kwok Hing”.