Chief executive Leung Chun-ying has rebutted the claim that he made someone cry when he was talking on the phone with an airline staff member during the “bag-gate” incident, as he said the report on the incident did not mention it.

The chief executive stands accused of misusing his privilege in an alleged breach of aviation safety rules after he spoke to airline staff about retrieving his daughter Chung-yan’s forgotten bag in late March. Leung admitted engaging in a phone call with airline staff, but denied any wrongdoing.

David Chu Yu-lin, a former National People’s Congress member, claimed at a demonstration at the airport in April that Leung indeed reduced an airline staffer to tears.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Photo: Gov HK.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting, Leung was asked again if the accusations were true.

“If you read the information revealed or made public in the past two, three weeks carefully, you can find the answer,” he said. “It includes an internal Cathay Pacific Special Incident Report revealed by media, which did not mention how someone was made to cry.”

“If you look at those related documents, look carefully, you will know there has not been any privilege or pressure [exercised],” he added.

Leung’s daughter Chun-yan had sent a letter to the Airport Authority through her lawyer offering to provide information on the incident, before the report came out. Reporters also asked Leung what was in the letter and if it had asserted pressure on the authority.

“As a customer, what she has faced or experienced in that hour, should help the Airport Authority to fully understand the incident,” he said.

David Chu. /Stand News.

Pro-Beijing newspaper Wen Wei Po has criticised David Chu after his accusations over Leung’s actions, saying that Chu was spreading unfounded rumours and calling him “lying pig” – as Chu and pig have the same pronunciation in Cantonese.

David Chu will host a press conference on Wednesday night at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, entitled “The lying pig responding to Wen Wei Po”.

Kris Cheng

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