Contested video footage from ATV will be used as prosecution evidence in a court case concerning an alleged assault upon police by Civic Party member Ken Tsang.

Tsang, 40, has been accused of assaulting police officers with liquid from an embankment of an underpass on Lung Wo Road in Admiralty, and then resisting arrest during the 2014 pro-democracy Occupy protests. He has denied all charges.

Tsang outside the Kowloon City Law Courts Building. Photo: Ken Tsang 曾健超 via Facebook.

On Friday morning at the Kowloon Magistrates’ Court, Magistrate Peter Law Tak-chuen ruled the videos appeared to be authentic and deemed them relevant to the case. He said that the court had no reason to use its discretion to reject the contested footage and their screenshots, Now TV reported.

The trial has thus officially commenced and the prosecution is calling six witnesses, RTHK reported.

Police Sergeant Butt Wang-tat testified that on the night of the incident, he touched the shoulder of the man involved in the case and asked him not to throw anything, but the man turned around in an attempt to grab his neck. Butt then pushed him down. However, Butt said he did not identify himself as a police officer, Commercial Radio reported.

Another police sergeant, Ching Ying-wai, also described the process of subduing the suspect. Ching said that he saw the man with Butt and went forward to help. He told the man that he would use pepper spray and did so after the warning failed to produce any effect. However, the suspect continued to put up a struggle. Ching eventually handcuffed him.

The court case will continue next Tuesday.

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